Moira Law, Digital Artist and  Playwright

As an artist, Moira started out making photographs in the film era but became discouraged by the the extensive use of chemicals and what she saw as the limitations of the medium. But the potential unleashed with the advent of the digital age has re-ignited her creativity. What a joy it is to make digital images!  Digital darkrooms have many times the capacity of their analogue predecessors.  Photography can be a way of documenting the visual world as it appears but Moira considers her camera a means of artistic expression.  She believes modifying images with software is a valid use of the form so her work often tends toward the abstract or surreal.

As a playwright, Moira has been enthusiastically involved in theatre all her life.  She has taken on various roles in community theatre such as make-up, costumes, lights and sound, stage management, production, direction and has even acted from time to time.  She is now an emerging playwright who wrote her first play, a one-act, Worth It, in the summer of 2008.   The success of Worth It encouraged her to continue so she is just completing her second play, The Women of Glen Marsh and is now working on a third.

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