Guess What I Found.


Actually, I don’t know exactly what I found.

We went on a little snowshoeing expedition to celebrate “Family Day” (while our friends further south sit out in t-shirts and drink beer, or play football on the grass with their kids) when we came a cross a complete spine of something. Near it were a skull, what looked like a leg bone and this — possibly a lower jaw?  The bones were picked very clean but you can tell looking closely that it is relatively fresh. Maybe it was a fawn? Maybe the predator was (were?) coyote/wolves (Coyote-wolf crosses are becoming more common here.) We didn’t hear any howling  Maybe it (they) were a hunting party of domestic dogs got loose. Anyway, if someone who knows more about forest-creature anatomy can tell what this used to be, please let us know.

I took this picture of it in the new studio my husband just set up for me in the basement using white paper and cheap white panel board brought (legally) across the border because I could find nowhere here that sold it.  I am using various light sources, but so far they are very yellow, so I use a grey card and correct the white balance using that.

After taking this picture I played with more interesting subjects and I promise to post some of the results soon.


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