The Discovery Tour

I picked up my art yesterday from the studio where I had left it the day before to be juried. I have been accepted as a participant in this year’s “Discovery Tour.” This will be the first time I have ever participated in a studio tour.

Studio tours have become very popular in this area. In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is how they work: a group of artists from an area get together to organize simultaneous “open houses” (or open studios, I suppose), They distribute maps and marketing material to the general public and on the tour day, or usually  weekend, people are free to visit the studios, meet the artists, see their work and (the artists hope) purchase some of it.

Since I don’t live in the area in question, I will be a guest artist in a large studio space offered by one artist for 5 of us together. It is a lovely, large bright space, and I will probably set up the metal grids I have used for art shows and markets. I’m quite excited about being accepted but I don’t illusions about how much I will sell versus how much effort I will put in. (Those grids are heavy as is wall art, generally. There is a lot of lugging and I’m not a big, strong woman, at least not physically). I love it when I sell a piece but it’s more for the recognition or validation than for the money. When I consider how much I have spent on equipment and software, I think I should probably just go for non-profit status and be done with it!

Here are two of the pieces I took to be juried.

Tempus Fugit

Burnt Wood

The third was a mixed media piece and I haven’t a picture of it. However, this is the photograph it was based on.

Three Gulls

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