Writer’s Block?

All week I’ve been doing the writer’s modern equivalent of sharpening pencils. In other words, procrastinating. This is unusual for me. Not that I don’t go for periods without writing; sadly, I do. But usually I don’t get any writing done because I just can’t find the time. Ideas chase each other around my head while I’m tied up with other things and dying to get the time to write them. But not this week. No, this week I had time. But I was just out of ideas some how.

So I spent a lot of time creating a detailed outline of my current play – one table per scene, documenting the time, the characters, their entrances and exits and the plot line. Finally, I gave up being systematic and simply started writing. And I got a scene written! Now all I have to do is figure out where, how (or if) it fits.

There is definitely something to be said for just writing.


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